Process Improvement

Operational Excellence

Process Improvement - Operational Excellence

Small business tends to start out and grow organically using trial and error in creating processes and procedures. Operational excellence is intended to transcend this approach and define methodology to create optimization without damaging mistakes. Well managed process and procedures are vital to  growth and stability and are not well addressed in today's business structures. Small business managers don't seem to see the link between value and performance.


One critical area that must be managed and optimized is distribution. Examples include supply chain, sales and marketing channels, advertising mediums, logistics, and communication methods. Companies that build ad hoc relationships tend to experience higher cost of goods (COGS), greater risk, and limited resources. On the other hand, entities focused on process improvement and change develop aggressive vehicles for change management, market penetration, and growth. Comparing current structure with potential needs can start with a simple investigative appointment.


No matter how small the business, infrastructure plays a serious role in managing the company and stimulating growth. Understanding the value of automation and knowledge management can strengthen the effect of a very small team of personnel and help to attain true competitive advantage. Using technology as a differentiator can help companies build project management practices, support  requests for proposals (RFP), develop vendor management, and embrace regulatory controls like compliance and reporting. Use of a diagnostic method can be the first step to creating a comprehensive strategy.



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