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Artists: Key to Next Generation of Sales Personnel

During one of my recent sales training classes working with “starving artists” I had a chance to sit back and enjoy a tapestry of creativity, passion, and intensity not present in many groups. The eclectic underpinnings of this assortment of highly skilled artisans, devoid of “self-sales knowledge,” made me realize that I was sitting in the presence of some of the greatest sales people I had ever met. The problem, many of them didn’t know it.

Hire For PassionSimilar Process to Sales

While listening to the brainstorming conversations during class exercises, I heard true sparks of genius intermixed with uncertainty and doubt followed by affirmation of resolve to move forward successfully. Curiously, this is the same cognitive theme inherent in a typical sales process (present solutions to potential problems, try them on for size, resolve uncertainty, and try again). The conversations became more impassioned and robust leaving me awed by the spectacle. Imagine standing next to a 30 foot wide flow of hot lava… get the picture.

Dedication to Their Craft

Artists, by nature, are filled with desire and ability to change the world around them with one stroke of their brush, pen, or tool. They are completely committed to a final product and sacrifice greatly to achieve desired results. Even in the face of negative reviews, the purist will proudly stand by his work and continue to show with impunity. I found myself jealous of their innate abilities and imagined how a true artisan could become a sales guru.

Combination of Traits

Just like an artist great sales people hone their craft daily and work to realize the perfect expression of their effort, committing 100% and sacrificing everything if need be. Each one presents an individualistic view of their product to encourage the world around them to grasp opportunity and create an emotional union. Once union is made and product delivered, the sales person/artist begins the process all over again.

Keep an Open Mind

How often people misread the intensity and passion of artists as being out of touch. In reality, they are masters at bringing out life’s subtle nuances through application of texture, color, and form. ┬áMaybe an old sales dog like me should look to hire the next generation of sales giants from the hardworking craftsmen amid piles of clay, dripping cans of paint, and scattered drawings sequestered in art studios. Just a thought…

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