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Small business is notorious for guesstimating when it comes to sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Countless vendors create unwieldy programs to "aid" owners and managers in balancing performance with their business model. Foundational concepts and best practices are ignored because of short-term success and limited progress through trial and error. When a business owner seeks outside help it is usually too late or the potential fix is underfunded leading to further issues. Effective sales and marketing needs to address pricing strategically, create a market-sensitive product mix, leverage advertising proactively, make customer service a core competency, and manage a process-based approach to execution.

Strategic Pricing

Many small businesses create pricing from cost-plus build out, targeted margin return, or a discount off of competitor pricing to arrive at a desired net margin. There are issues with each one but strategic pricing can be used to obtain the best mix of methods in relationship to pricing strategy objectives. Depending on the level of market presence small businesses have to evaluate low price leadership, cash flow, profit margin, sales volumes, market segmentation, channel development, and growth. Defining clear pricing strategy that is time sensitive and linked to corporate initiatives is critical to success. Companies will not remain competitive without a carefully designed plan. Ask yourself: "Does my pricing strategy maximize profits and align with my goals?" If not, contact us to set an appointment to discuss your options.

Creating Product Mix

A product mix and accompanied product road map are essential ingredients to building market share and taking advantage of potential opportunity. Single products won't sell the same as a group of related products offering variety and choice. Businesses that offer one product or single products drastically limit their ability to penetrate target markets and reduce supply chain diversity. Multiple products developed from market need, reduced production costs, and reuse of technology enhances the productivity of sales personnel. Notably products can be linked to accessory items and services to enhance their value to the potential buyer. Allocation of resources and profitable productivity are the decision-making criteria in development. If your business doesn't have a clearly defined product road map and market interaction strategy contact us for help. Examine some basic options to address these issues by reviewing our pricing philosophy.              

Customer Service as a Differentiator

Satisfying and growing an existing customer relationship is more cost-effective than acquisition. Companies are forced to overspend on lead generation and customer acquisition if customer service is not considered or viewed as a core competency. Failure during on-boarding or account management can make a company focus on short-term cash in a "reaction" mode rather than building long-term value through contractual agreement, service levels, and loyalty programs. Companies who view the customer experience as part of their service create tactical advantage over competition and influence their cost structure. To find out more, contact us and let's make an appointment.

Sales Processes

Managing sales efforts is critical to success for any business and relies on performance, reporting, processes, and polices to be effective. Small businesses deal with this problem using tools and techniques that individual business owners have amassed through personal education, trial and error, and vendor knowledge transfer. Companies that offer business services attempt to treat small businesses as a single type or offer specialized products in niche markets pigeon holing their products. This leaves a large percentage of businesses to fend for themselves without readily available access to the proper tools and technology. If your business is struggling with sales and marketing shortfalls take the time to set up an appointment to evaluate how we can help.




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