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Productivity Consulting - Strategic Business Planning

A large percentage of small businesses operate without a written strategic business plan and fund initiatives by margin cutting. Without short-term profit the company stagnates and begins a slow downward slide to paralysis. The usual answer is infusion of seed capital or investor funds to offset the "temporary" negative impact. Other businesses make their short-term performance goals but are unable to foster long-term objectives for growth and sustainability. Business owners are chained to production and operations to ensure profit expectations are met. They don't have time to take the necessary steps to create the future and remain at a standstill.

All businesses should have (at least) the following addressed as part of overall strategy:

  • Strategic business planning¬† (defined business model, comprehensive business plan, sales and marketing plans, product development, and value)
  • Operations (organizational structure, personnel, and technology)
  • Finance (capital, budgets, reporting, assets, liabilities, and equity)
  • Market research and business model feasibility
  • Competitive analysis
  • Growth and improvement
  • Risk and sustainability
  • Intellectual property
  • Administration and support
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