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People Management - Change Initiatives

Does your growth strategy focus on operational efficiency and maximizing employee productivity? If it doesn't, it's time for a change. With a 70% failure rate in instituting change, small businesses can't afford to make mistakes. Success is dependent on making adaptability part of corporate culture and infusing entrepreneurship into your employees. Wise business managers understand that change in the marketplace must be addressed by aligning new strategies and initiatives with measureable actions. The difficulty lies in deciding on what to do and how to do it. 

Growth Strategy

Growth in business is easily measured through change in revenue, increase in market share, or shifts in demand.  Small businesses need to find a balance between short-term needs and long-term trends. Focusing only on ways to increase profit and revenue can create problems within operations, corporate culture, and impact employee morale. To foster growth, traditional change management activities like training and communication have to become part of a greater strategy that links personnel, processes, and productivity. To be competitive companies have to create a continuous change management process and execute value-driven initiatives in the short-term. The question is how? The answer...take the first step and set up an appointment.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Traditional methods for turning businesses around or showing immediate growth include downsizing, divesting, work force reduction, and adjustment in costs. True small businesses may not have the asset pool, employee density, or ability to reduce intrinsic costs. They struggle with balancing production/sales and keeping their employees happy. To be successful small business has to evaluate existing resources and reallocate, essentially doing more with less. Maximizing operational efficiency is a critical component in building value and preparing a foundation for continuous improvement. Any solution has to start with identifying areas of concern and understanding the benefits of change. Using our services enables business managers to start the process of categorizing issues and developing the necessary metrics, processes, and feedback mechanisms to promote positive change.

Human Capital

What is the value of your human capital? Whether your organization is a sole proprietor or a large mid-sized business understanding the value of human capital is a critical component of growth strategy and sustainability. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, training processes, human resources documentation, and communication methods are essential in developing an empowered work force that is flexible and able to manage change. Not happy with your value, set up an appointment to discuss ways to improve it.


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