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Be the Leader of Personal Change

Yesterday, sitting down to have coffee at a local hot spot I noticed a young couple with a rather rambunctious 4 year old boy. He had glinting blue eyes filled with mischief, tousled blond hair that was as wild as he was, and the energy of a supernova. His parents were attempting to control this juggernaut while having a semblance of a conversation. I became impressed by their deliberate focus away from his antics. Many parents, myself included, would have lost it or given up on the “adventure”. Not these two brave souls.

About half way through my coffee I looked up to see Mr. Lightning Bolt sitting absolutely still staring at something his mother had put into his hand. I was both astonished and curious about this secret weapon that converted energy into calm. He was holding a small ball-in-a-maze puzzle and working diligently at moving the pesky ball to the Goal Achievement is a Processcenter. Neither of his parents were helping him but were thoroughly enjoying his efforts. I found myself draw into the drama. In a couple minutes of trying he successfully “sank the ball.” With a war whoop he leaped up and did a victory lap. His parents smiled and prepared to leave having finished their coffee. As they walked out I realized that this little powerhouse held a secret for all of us share – goal achievement.

Measuring Success

How do we define success in completion of goals? This is a critical step in the process of change. For without measurement, goals become worthless. Taking a cue from Mr. Lightning Bolt; focus energy on the job at hand and measure your success against an expected goal. Our 4 year old “docent” understood completing the puzzle was worth sacrificing his time and energy in exchange for the euphoria of success. The simplicity of his process is the foundation for his winning way. He didn’t worry about complex measurements, what if analysis, or the possibility of failure. He committed 100% to his endeavor and it paid off in spades.

Influence on Others

The most interesting phenomena about this situation was the collateral effect of his personal change on the world around him. His parents and I were drawn into his process and benefited without his direct knowledge. In business developing awareness of how your changes affect others can become a useful competitive difference. Knowing how and why to influence others becomes the base for effective marketing and sales efforts.  I challenge you to make worthwhile goals and understand their potential influence on others. It is not as easy as it seems…

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